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Foundations Classes for Dog Sports

Group Classes

All group classes are held outdoors on grass. In the event of inclement weather, classes will be cancelled and made up at a later date.

Performance Fundamentals

This class is appropriate for puppies and dogs that already have basic obedience training and want to level up their skills! The focus will be on preparing dogs to participate in dog sports such as agility, disc, rally, dock diving, or scent sports. Topics covered include: confidence building, impulse control, focus/engagement, building value for toy play, recalls, and shaping.

Next session starts TBD

Tricks for Treats

Come teach your dog some new tricks in our 'Tricks for Treats' class! Tricks training has many benefits such as building a stronger working relationship with your dog, teaching your dog how to problem solve, building your dog's confidence, and providing your dog with mental enrichment.

Examples of tricks taught in class include shake, spin, bow, roll over, wave, ride a skateboard, and pick up your toys.

Optional AKC Trick Title testing on week 6. See more info on the AKC Trick titling program here.

Thursdays @ 6PM

6 weeks/$175

Next session starts July 28

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